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Why Your Children Should Play Basketball At Early Age

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Playing sports and being physically active has plenty of benefits for the health, there is no doubt about that. Playing a team sport is a good way for children to experience these benefits but also to learn some social responsibilities. They do, though, learn these through school, family, and friends but through sports, children can easily feel a sense of affiliation. However, there’s much more than just keeping them busy and physically active. In this article, we will consider the benefits basketball has for the young ones.

What is the best age to start?

When it comes to basketball, there are programs for kids as young as five. In these courses, they will learn some basics and have more fun than learning – which is perfectly fine. They can start learning more rules and play by them somewhere between seven and nine years of age. In a few years time, they will be able to play basketball games with other young teams. In this way, they will learn to respect someone who is better than them for example. It is not like they cannot learn that anywhere else, but through the basketball, they easily learn that lesson.

Children need a lot of physical activityStaying fit and healthy

The first and the most obvious advantage of basketball for kids is that it will keep them healthy and fit. Children need a lot of physical activity: between the age of six and seventeen, they need at least one hour of moderate activity every day, with at least three days a week of more intensive exercise. Basketball practices provide the necessary amount of intensive physical activity for children. In addition to the regular training sessions, they can also attend basketball camps and play at home, to stay fit and improve their skills. Basketball camps are extremely important, especially for those children that will continue to pursue a basketball career.

Improving motor skills

Running and dribbling, throwing and catching, pivoting and jumping – all these are the elements of a basketball game. They involve all large muscle groups, good movement coordination, and strength – so you get the point I guess. Imagine how practicing all these moves and skills can be beneficial for your child and his or her motor skills. Basketball helps them strengthen all the large muscle groups and control the movement. It helps them to become more flexible and endurable. Hand-eye coordination is also practiced and improved through basketball. All these skills are not only useful in sports but of course – they transfer to everyday life and activities.

Social and psychological development

Basketball is a team sport. If your child starts playing it early, it helps them to develop psychological and social skills, which they will use later through the life. He or she will learn to be involved with a group, solve problems and communicate. Another useful lesson is about healthy competition, wins, and losses. And last but not least – your child can make many new friends.



How To Teach Your Kids Baseball And Make It Fun

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Teach Your Kids Baseball

Playing baseball with your child can be a wonderful routine and a great way of bonding and creating a healthy relationship between you and your children. Teaching your children how to play baseball can start with playing catch and move towards something more serious and complex. However, if your kid is young, it is important to keep this activity fun and joyful. This way he or she will keep growing their love for baseball and see it as fun rather than something they must do.

The main goal is to have fun

When you decide that the time is right to teach your child how to play baseball, keep in mind that fun is the essential component. Forget about complex rules and strict routine. See it as your time together, an opportunity to bond and something both you and your child will enjoy. Don’t worry about mistakes and don’t push them too hard. Just relax, take baby steps and let them acquire the skills slowly and gradually. In this way, they will develop an affiliation towards the sport so they will absolutely love it.

Lower the expectations

Lower the expectations

First of all – you can’t expect from a beginner to be great. So, let your child make mistakes and don’t discourage him or her. When they do something right, never fail to praise them and emphasize that they made a good move. This will not only boost they self-esteem, but also help them learn which moves are good and handy to use. Don’t expect your child to learn everything in a short time. Instead, relax, take small steps and don’t worry if your kid sucks. With patience, fun and practice, he or she will get better.

Make it easy to understand

Choose proper equipment

Baseball has a huge set of rules, and it may not be easy to understand even for the adults. Therefore, don’t expect your child to understand them all at first. Make fun connections and associate moves and rules with something they will memorize easily. This way they will not only learn faster, but you will keep the fun component in your routine. Every time they need to remember some rule, they will easily connect it to the funny thing you mentioned which means they will love the rules and easily learn them.

Choose proper equipment

Even if your child is an absolute beginner, you still need to buy them proper equipment. Choose a well-fitting glove and a bat of suitable size and weight. Also, don’t forget about the safety precautions! Get a strong helmet and knee pads. When you start teaching them, start with a tennis ball rather than baseball. It will increase safety because the ball is lighter. Also, it is also easier for them to hit it, which will raise their self-confidence and teach them coordination at the same time. Never lose the aspect of fun out of sight. Relax and enjoy, and your child will enjoy it and learn as well.


How To Prevent Injuries In Football

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Prevent Serious Injuries

Football is a dynamic and exciting sport. But it is also rough and intensive, so the injuries are common. If you play football properly and with passion, it is inevitable to get injured from time to time. However, you can prevent serious injuries and minimize the damage by sticking to a few rules.

Preparation for the game

Before you start the game and pay attention to minimizing the injuries, it is important to prepare properly. Good preparation not only helps you stay safe, but also improves the quality of your game. First of all, you need to maintain the level of your physical condition. Even when football season is off, you need to stay fit and workout.

warm-up-and-stretchBefore the game or training, always make sure to warm up and stretch. This will lower the risk of injuries for both muscles and joints. Similarly, after the game or the training is over, always cool down and stretch for the same reason. Remember, good preparation and taking care of yourself before and after the game is a great part of injury prevention.

Right equipment

Football players wear a whole lot of safety equipment – and there is certainly a reason for that. When you play football, never play without the equipment that will keep you protected and help you avoid injuries.  Make sure that the safety equipment is high-quality and that it fits perfectly. You will need a solid helmet, shoulder pads, hip pads, tail pads, knee pads, thigh guards, athletic supporter to protect you from injuries. If you wear glasses, they need to be made of safety glass, or you can wear contact lenses instead.

When you choose pants and jersey, you also need to make sure that they are good quality and size. It will give you the freedom and better control of movement, which is another component of safety.

Be alert and prepared for injuries

Even if you minimize the risk of injuries, football is a sport where they are still likely to happen. Therefore, it is also important to be prepared for the injuries. First of all, keep in mind that they may happen. Always have the first aid kit in your sports bag. If you play football in a team, the coach should have the knowledge of the first aid. Also, there should be medical staff that can help the players immediately in case more severe injuries occur.

Proper playing technique

What also keeps you safe from injuries is proper tackling technique. “Heads up” tackling technique is the best if you want to stay safe during the game. This means that you should never lower your head when you are making a hit. Also, the head should never be the main contact point, in order to prevent head and neck injuries. Instead of head, you should use the front of your shoulders as the main point of contact. This will prevent the risk of injuries, but also prevent you from getting a penalty.

How To Choose Perfect Basketball Sneakers

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When you choose footwear, it is important to choose shoes that fit well and feel good. But when you choose sneakers, there are a few more criteria involved. If you play basketball, you need to choose sneakers that fit your feet perfectly and don’t hurt them in any way. What’s more, they need to be firm, yet flexible, to allow your feet to move, but to protect your ankles at the same time. In this article, we will help you choose the best basketball sneakers for you.

Consider your playing needs

Consider your playing needsThe choice of basketball sneakers is really huge. To narrow it down and make the best one, the first step is to consider your playing needs and style. Cushioning, support, and flexibility are the main requirements you want from the sneakers, and their amount depends on the playing style. Cushioning is important for all player types. Support and flexibility can vary depending on the model, and usually one feature is more prominent than the other. For instance, players who rely on speed and jumps need more flexibility in their sneakers, and those relying on speed need more support.

Size, length and width

Sports shoes need to be an absolutely perfect fit. Keep in mind that the size is not only the number written on the sneakers. The length may slightly vary depending on the producer. Also, the width is not always the same, and you have to take it into consideration when buying basketball sneakers. You should measure the foot: trace it on a piece of paper, measure the length from heel to the longest toe, and width of the widest part of the foot. Look for the measurements in a shoe chart and determine your exact size this way.

Try them on

Even if you have determined the size perfectly, you still need to try the sneakers on. Even when the size is right, the footwear may not feel comfortable once you actually put it on. When you try out basketball sneakers, wear sports socks. Always try both sneakers because, just like most of the people, you probably have a slight difference between in the size of your feet. Also, this way you will get a more realistic feeling about wearing the sneakers and walking and running in them.

Ankle height

Ankle heightBasketball players need to pay attention to the ankle height of their sneakers. If you are a running type of player, you should consider mid-tops or low-tops, because running in high-tops is difficult. Players who play more pivoting and jumping will have much more benefit from high tops.

Compare prices

When it comes to professional sneakers, we must say that quality usually determines the price. Whether you like it or not, you will have to pay a bit larger sum if you want high quality basketball sneakers. Still, you don’t need to overpay them. Compare prices in different stores and online. Look for special deals and sales. You may save money, and still get a perfect and high quality pair of basketball sneakers.

Health Benefits Of Baseball

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Baseball is unjustly called a lazy man’s sport. However, if you are not getting a workout during a baseball game – it means you’re doing it wrong. The fact is that baseball can get you active and involved, and have a series of benefits for your health and strength. As a matter of fact, it provides you with both vigorous and moderate exercise.

Safety first

swinging a batWe mustn’t forget the safety factor when it comes to playing any sport, and the same goes for baseball. If you want to really feel the benefits, but also stay protected, you need to have proper technique and proper equipment. Fast running, swinging a bat, throwing and catching require a great amount of strength and skill. You need to use proper techniques to maximize your performance, yet to reduce the chance of getting injured. Also, proper protection items are necessary, as well as props that suit your weight, height, playing style and position. If you pay attention to all these aspects, you will not only perform better and stay safe, but also experience all the benefits baseball has for your health.

Cardio training

Many people don’t think of baseball as being a good cardio exercise. However, there are batters who run the bases, outfielders who run to catch a ball and catchers who chase a foul ball. All of them get a great amount of cardiovascular exercise. It makes the heart work faster and it keeps it strong and healthy. Also, cardio exercise helps you burn calories.

Strong upper body

Throwing or catching a baseball and swinging the bat require a whole lot of energy and strength. It seems easy when you observe as a viewer, but the truth is that the players need a lot of strength and muscles to perform these actions correctly and without getting injured. Therefore, playing baseball can help you strengthen your biceps, triceps and all other muscles of the arms. Chest and shoulders are also involved in these actions, so these muscles get stronger as well.

Strong legs

While running is good for cardio exercise, it is also good for building your leg muscles. So, playing baseball can help you strengthen these as well. The short bursts of fast running really build up the leg muscles. Also, the periods between these bursts are enough to rest and prepare for the next run. CoordinationBut, it is not only running that makes your leg stronger. Lateral movements, leg motion while throwing and squatting down to catch the ball – they all involve leg muscles. All these movements build the muscles of your thighs, calves and glute muscles.


Last but not least, baseball helps you develop and practice coordination and movement. Baseball enables you to perfect hand-eye coordination, for obvious reasons. It also makes you think and react more quickly, and find your way in fast-changing and unpredictable situations.

From all this you can conclude that baseball has benefits for your body and health. But other than that, it improves articulation and coordination, which can help you in many daily situations out of the court.